What is Paytween?

Paytween is the best way to make plans and share expenses with your friends without having to track who paid what.


Create a group for each plan, chat and write down your group expenses.


No more “who paid what” problems. Paytween automatically sums-up telling you how much you owe or are owed.


No more telling your friends how much they owe you.

Easy payments

Settle your debts in cash or via a payment App which you and others use.

How it Works

1. Create a group and add your friends.

2. Chat and write down your group expenditures.

3. Choose your preferred payment methods.

4. Settle your debts easily.

Do you make lots of group plans? Paytween is perfect for you

Short trips with your friends
Bachelor parties
Joint presents
Surprise parties
Summer vacations
Shared apartments
Group wining and dining

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How can I get started with Paytween?

Firstly you need to download the app to your smartphone from an app store. Secondly you have to synchronize your contacts and then you’ll be ready to create a group in which you’ll be able to add expenses and chat with your friends.

Which electronic payment methods can be used in Paytween?

Depending on the country you’ll be able to use Paypal, Bizum, Twyp, Venmo, Square Cash, Revolut, Swish, Paytm, WeChat and many others.

For which operating systems is Paytween available?

iOS and Android.

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